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House rules

Vocate is a workplace

Treat the space and your neighbors with respect. When you leave for the day, ensure the space is in the same condition (or better) as it was when you arrived.

Your property

Your things are your responsibility. You agree we are not responsible or liable for any loss or damage to any of your property, regardless of the cause. It’s your job to make sure that you do not leave anything at Vocate when you leave. If you do leave something, we may place it at the front desk and after a reasonable time has passed, we will dispose of it.

Use your own things and not your neighbor’s. If you need something, just ask. We’ll try to help.

Everyone’s property

You or your guests may not trash, damage or alter anything in or on the Vocate property. If something breaks or if you cause any losses, claims or damages, you are responsible.

Promptly notify Vocate staff of any damage or any equipment not working properly.


Protect your neighbor’s information. If you see something on a monitor, on the printer, or on a whiteboard, do not share it with others. We are not responsible or liable for any breach or loss of confidential or proprietary information.

Be kind

We have zero tolerance for harassment. Everyone who steps in the building should feel welcome and comfortable in our space.

Keep it legal

We have zero tolerance for anyone using our space or resources to conduct or pursue any illegal activities, or any activity that is generally regarded as disruptive, rude, or offensive. Do not:

  • Represent products created by others as your own creation.

  • Publish, post, upload, distribute or disseminate any illegal or inappropriate material or information.

  • Use Vocate for lodging.

  • Bring or use any hazardous substances to Vocate, including but not limited to kerosene, propane, gasoline or flammable or combustible fluid or material, hazardous materials, or any method of heating or cooling other than that provided by Vocate.

  • Bring or use any illegal firearms or weapons to Vocate.

  • Bring or use narcotics or other banned substances at Vocate.

  • Store goods, wares, or merchandise at Vocate without permission.

  • Consume or allow guests to consume alcohol on the premises if below the legal drinking age.


Your key is our property and we’ve allowed you to use it—not anyone else. Keep your key to yourself, and do not allow any guest(s) to enter the building without ensuring they have registered at the front desk. You are not allowed to make copies of any Vocate keys.

If a key assigned to you is lost, notify Vocate staff promptly. You will be charged accordingly.

Make sure to securely close all doors behind you when you enter or exit the building. Do not leave any doors propped open.

No other locks are allowed on any property within Vocate. We need to be able to access any office or room at any time.

In certain shared spaces cameras will be used to record for security purposes.

Your information

You are responsible for letting us know as soon as possible when there are any changes to your contact and payment information.

Vocate may publish certain Member information on its website(s) and social media accounts, including but not limited to the Member’s name, business or company, position, photo, and website information.

In the event that your relationship with the Company in your profile changes or ends, you agree to promptly update your profile to reflect this.


Personal heaters may only be used with approval from us.


We are an office environment, but we understand that childcare does not always work out. If you are in your office, they must be in there with you.

If children must come with you to work, their behavior is your responsibility. Vocate is not a daycare so bringing your children on a regular or frequent basis is not allowed.


We are fond of pets, and your well-behaved dog is welcome at Vocate, but their behavior is your responsibility; you will be required to keep it at your desk and clean up after it; not limited to shedding, slobber, and potty/poopy.


We will provide a printer for your use, but as you know, printers are finicky so we cannot guarantee it will always be available or operational. Limited printing is included in your membership. Additional printing is available for a fee.

Meeting rooms

Do not let the meeting rooms become your second home – to use it, you need to book it. Our rooms can be reserved online or with staff. There is an hourly fee to book the rooms. We reserve the right to limit use of the meeting rooms.

When you are finished using the meeting rooms, put the furniture back into the standard set up. You can find this picture next to the light switch.

We do not offer refunds on no-shows. We will not charge for cancellations received at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the start time of the reservation. Abuse of this policy with repeated last-minute cancellations may be denied a refund at our discretion.

We withhold the right to cancel and refund any bookings up to twenty-four (24) hours in advance of the booking start time.

Kitchen/coffee bar

The coffee bar can be used by you and your guests.

Everyone is responsible for keeping the coffee bar and kitchen clean and tidy. Please load your dirty dishes into the dishwasher.


In the shared working environment, everyone should make their best effort to maintain a quiet working atmosphere.

When speaking on the phone or video calls, adjust the volume of your voice. For video calls you must use headphones/earbuds. If your phone call might disrupt other people using the coworking space, please make your phone call in a phone booth or other private space.

We request that you put your cell phone on vibrate to prevent disturbing others.


Guests are defined as a non-member who is visiting you for a short period of time. All guests will be required to sign in and out. You are responsible for any guests you allow into Vocate. Anyone coming too often may be asked to pay a fee. Restrictions on guests do not apply when using meeting rooms.


Members are expected to be always mindful of security at the Premises and of the safety of others. You will comply with all safety, fire protection and evacuation regulations established by Vocate, the owner of the building or any applicable government agencies.

Be familiar with the locations of the fire extinguisher, fire alarm pull station, and automated external defibrillators (AED).

Always scan your key card/fob when entering the building, even if someone is holding the door open. This will allow us to know who is in the building in case of an emergency.


If special installation is needed outside of what we offer, it will be at your expense done by our staff. We will need to approve anything outside of standard office equipment.



You and your guests may not place any signs or other advertising at Vocate without the prior approval.

Use of the Vocate name

You and your guests may not use the Vocate name without prior approval.

Internet Service Privacy and Security

No data network or internet communication is 100% secure. It is up to you to protect your computer, devices, information and/or business.

If the internet is interrupted, we are not responsible for any data, business, or other damage or losses. We are also not responsible for damage or losses resulting from power surges. You may not share the internet access information with anyone other than your guests.


You may only smoke in the designated outside area.

Packages/Mail Delivery

You may use our address as your business address. Do not use the name Vocate when providing your mailing address. You acknowledge and agree that you do not maintain any real property interest or tenancy at Vocate.

Vocate will accept mail and/or packages on behalf of yourself/company. We are not responsible for any lost or damaged mail. You will need to be present for delivery of heavy/large packages that are over fifty (50) lbs.

Age Restrictions

You must be at least eighteen (18) years of age to sign up for a Membership. 

When you sign up for a membership, you may be asked to provide government-issued identification to verify your age.

House Rules: Welcome
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